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EthiopianFinlander Mirel Wagner has released a new album called No Death Can Tear Us Apart in which she manages to double-cross the sound of the starker work of David Eugene Edwards , with the cold, menace of the 'Femmes Hallowed Ground sans any inbuilt humour, whatsoever. The gently folk-tattered longing of Karen Dalton, with enough murder ballade classisism and elegant, understated threat to keep you enchanted. It's a hauntingly natural recording, simply Wagner and her acoustic. Her voice just warm enough to melt ice. It's her Nebraska from midnight to dawn, late fall, walking an empty highway between unknown towns under a sliver moon. Don't forget to breath when you listen to her.

Mirel Wagner - No Death from Aki Roukala on Vimeo.

Mirel Wagner - Joe from Friendly Fire Recordings on Vimeo.