Weird Forest - Winter Cassette Releases: Smegma, Colour Bük, & Monterey Babe Aquarium | Album Reviews

Weird Forest have unleashed a new batch of tapes upon the world, including a sweet mix of sounds from Smegma, Colour Bük, & Monterey Babe Aquarium. There's something ot be said for eclecticism I would say. After all variety is the spice of life, & these two tapes really demonstrate that.

Smegma do what they do best here & show they live up to their reputation in the live setting as well. Rambling compositions that somehow end leaving the listener (or at least myself) with a feeling & a thought. I think you can name drop a lot of folks who have subsequently taken on a similar attitude to this now legendary crew & this performance from 2010 sees Smegma outlasting even their younger imitators.

Colour Bük are no strangers in these parts & in some respects are children of Smegma, if not literally then at least philosophically. A train of thought that sees a total disregard for cultural norms while bathing in them all the same. CB's side is as usual all over the place yet maybe the most refined approach they've yet taken. "The Good Memoir", above, is the final track on this split & is quite an eye (read ear) opener. After being led through some sonic guitar/drone sludge we are left with some moronic (read punk / child star) turntable-isms that bring a surprising bit of humanity into the whole.

Monterey Babe Aquarium were probably the brightest shining of this batch, or should I say most readily accessible, or hmm never mind it was a fun listen. "Yoyo Loach" definitely stand as one of the highlights & most immediately satisfying track on the tape. The track incorporates a drum machine workout that propels & provides structure here, while vocals & synths swarm and cascade about. I think the blown out oceanic cover art gives you a glimpse of what's to come. Do people still use the tag "chillwave"? I never understood that personally, but maybe it was just me.

The Monterey Babe Aquarium & Smegma/Colour Büktapes are out now & available via Weird Forest, along with a third split by Sagan Genesis & Waxy Tomb.