Family Portrait - "Dark Roast"

Dark Roast the newest EP from Family Portrait sees a bit of aural changes that seem to be totally fitting of the times. Most notable is the strong presence of electronic drums and a more studio inclined slickness missing from the previous recorded outings. Some of this makes sense when compared to some of their peers and label-mates such as James Ferraro & La Big Vic, though Family Portrait are going in their own direction altogether.

It's nice to see a sonic progression from the group's last outing, this time fully incorporating modern electronic instrumentation into the tunes. "It Turns" retains singer & group leader Evan Brody's distinctive vocal delivery in place, while the title track "Dark Roast" lets the rhythm section take the forefront which lets the slow burning melody relax and follow the crowd a bit. All in totally bumping up a phil collins vibe in my mind mixed with some contemporary songcraft, but that's just me. And I'm digging this.

Family Portrait's Dark Roast EP is available now via Underwater People's.