Mac DeMarco - Rock and Roll Night Club

Is it just me or does this scream David Bowie? Maybe a better question is do I really care? Regardless Mac DeMarco (aka Makeout Videotape) is on to something here with a contemporary twist on some soulful glam-rock that defies time. From the opening title track the foundation for the entire EP is set in place with Demarco's cheeky baritone vocals taking center stage.

Rock And Roll Night Club is full of the type of swagger that made the afore mentioned star shine. I mean look at that picture for the cover and then you have half of the history of glam rock. That said this sound has a somewhat later take on Bowie. Young Americans in particular stands as a reference point, albeit filtered through... well Mac Demarco seemingly having a lot of fun. At least we're able to go along for the ride.