Wednesday Wisdom...

Some recent links that caught my attention (and that, maybe, have yet to write about!)...

Mike Rimmer's eulogy for Gravy Train's guitarist, Norman Barratt
Have to confess the news of Norman's passing came as a tough one. Here was one of my contemporaries, we played many of the same stages, I admired his never flashy, expressive technique... The image of him playing his favourite cherry red Gibson 335 (special edition with Bigsby tremolo!), always reaching for the controls betwixt every phrase, while carefully chosen notes swooped and soared above everything else going on... He was a true musician's musician and a special guy.

Shane Claiborne and the Simple Way guys give out packs for school kids... click to help

A brilliant set of online jigsaw puzzles

Financial Times comment on the C of E's money troubles

St Luke's church Kentish Town gets, ahem, born again