While we're on the subject of Natchez MS, here's the late William Carradine aka Cat-iron. Vocally, he reminds me a lot of fellow Natchezite Robert Cage. According to this YouTube poster:

William Carradine was born in Garden City, LA. in 1896. In 1958 folklorist Frederic Ramsey, Jr. found him at his home in Natchez, MS. and recorded an album's worth of blues and gospel numbers by him. Ramsey had met a local musician by the name of Thurmond Monroe who was the alto saxist for a local Natchez group by the name of the Otis Smith Orchestra, who told him where to find Carradine, who lived in the slums of Buckner's Alley. Monroe would go to his shack from time to time and give him some change just to hear him play the old songs. At the time that Ramsey and Monroe went to Carradine's shack to visit him, he didn't really want to play any blues since he had found religion. He also didn't have a guitar and Monroe found someone to borrow a guitar from so he could record, and he and Ramsey managed to coax some blues numbers from him. Carradine may have never heard his recordings played back to him, he died shortly after they were made.

William Carradine (Cat-Iron):Vocals & Guitar

Recorded in Buckner's Alley Natchez, MS. 1958

Originally issued on and this recording taken from the 1958 album "Cat-Iron Sings Blues and Hymns" (Folkways FA 2389)