Many years ago my late friend UK Roy Duncan sent me a mix tape. Roy and I exchanged a lot of tapes over the few years we were friends and we'd never include a tracklist because, I guess, we wanted each tape to be a surprise. That was my thought anyway. We'd email a list a few days after the tape was received. Sadly the last tape he sent me was shortly before he passed away so I never got a list for that one. The nice thing is that he knew he didn't have long and his song choices reflected that. Included in that mix was a track that I figured out was called It Never Rains But It Pours. That much I got. But who was the artist? I had no idea. I wasn't familiar with Jimmy Witherspoon at the time so when the name "Spoon" is mentioned in the song it didn't click. Anyway...I searched the web for hours before I found out who"Spoon" was. Then probably another hour to find what album the sing was on. Keep in mind this was several years ago. Now I could probably find it all in a few minutes. I've always loved this song since then. I earned the song. Spoon's description of the rain on a tin roof and the pianists replication is lovely. I hope you enjoy it.
Jimmy Witherspoon - It Never Rains But It Pours - mp3
Here's a bonus track that i'm sure Roy would have loved:
The Dramatics - In The Rain - mp3