Jeff Buckley - BBC Soul Music Take 2

<a href="">BBC Soul Music - Dido's Lament</a>
Sadly music mega-corp Sony has removed the YouTube video of Jeff Buckley I had included on my earlier post about the BBC Radio 4 series Soul Music. Checking the visitor stats for this Blog it is clear the post that featured anecdotes about Dido's Lament, including the legendary performance by Jeff Buckley, still has plenty of visits. Therefore I risk providing a capture of the audio right here for your listening pleasure, any legitimate request to remove it, for copyright reasons, will be immediately honoured!

Sarah Connolly on singing it as a Mezzo Soprano - 00:00 to 01:26
Jeremy Summerly on the history and Alison Moyet - 01:26 to 02:21
Alison Moyet sings and talk about the piece - 02:21 to 05:37
A contributor talks about the meaning for her - 05:37 to 06:36
Sarah Connolly talks more about the text in the piece - 06:36 to 07:39
Jeremy Summerly expands on Purcell's masterpiece - 07:39 to 08:45
Philip Sheppard on his life changing work with Jeff Buckley - 08:45 to 13:50