What's making y'all tick...

Still can't help it... must be the music biz heritage!

Top viewed BanksyBoy Briefings February 2010:

1 Why modern worship songs are crap - my most read post ever!
2 Let me through I'm an Anglican... not!
3 The Digital Economy Bill - Oxymoronic
=3 Take me Higher - A Lent thought with the short film 'Sign Language'
5 All the Small Things really matter - Choirs and stuff
=5 From Candleford (to Lark Rise) with Love
7 Christendom or Christianity and the controversial T-Shirt
8 Pete Rollins on Insurrecionist Theology
9 A welcome return for the Prog Rock definition post!
10 Seth Godin seems to get it right every time - here he completely nails it!

All Time top views (since Dec 2009)

1 <> Why modern worship songs are crap - my most read post ever! New at No 1!
2 >1 Ashamed Anglican? Bravo Father Tim and shame on you Archdeacon of York - should have stood by your man
3 <> Let me through I'm an Anglican... not!
4 >2 One of After The Fire's youngest fans comes up with a brilliant CD design
5 >4 Angels from the realms of... er, Norway! Breathtaking and truly wonderful music
6 >3 Great tidings of joy in the Brit film Nativity!
7 >6 Brilliant article in blokes mag Esquire by Greenbelt Festival speaker Shane Claiborne
8 >7 Whilst we allow poverty through inequality we are culpable for disasters like Haiti - Thank God for cancellation of Haiti's debt since
9 >5 After The Fire becomes International Rescue as ATF ring tone finds mobile in snow drift
10 <> Mumford & Sons, music to mend and inspire!

Top referring blogs February 2010 - A new No 1 up from 10 last month

1 <10 evangelistchanging.blogspot.com (Joe Haward)
2 >1 theartistandthetartist.blogspot.com (James & Maggie)
3 <8 cyber-coenobites.blogspot.com (Archdruid Eileen)
4 <> theconnexion.net (Richard Hall)
5 >2 elizaphanian.blogspot.com (Revd Sam)
6 >3 diggingalot.org (Graham Peacock)
7 <> churchmousepublishing.blogspot.com
8 >4 philipstreehouse.blogspot.com (Phil Ritchie)
9 <> bishopalan.blogspot.com (Bishop Alan Wilson)
10 >9 ocicbwneighbourhood.blogspot.com (Madpriest)