OLD GRAY MULE - 40 Nickles For A Bag Of Chips (Available Tuesday May 31st!)

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That other little ol' band from Texas is back with more of their North Mississippi Hill Country grooves flooded with muddy Rio Grande instrumental grit and goodness. 

Forty Nickles For A Bag Of Chips is a ten song tribute to the men who inspired C.R. Humphrey to play guitar in the first place. Men like Belton Sutherland, Jack Owens, Paul "Wine" Jones, R.L. Burnside, Junior Kimbrough, and others. Each song, with the exception of a cover of Closer Walk With Thee, is original and all but two of the songs are first-takes.  

Wondering what the album title is about? 
C.R. reminded me that on R.L. Burnside's album Ass Pocket Of Whiskey, Jon Spencer (of The Blues Explosion) is heard asking R.L. for "40 Nickles for a bag of chips". Geez, the things I forget. I used to know that album sideways. I done got olde, people. Time to bust it back out!

40 Nickles was recorded at Jimbo Mathus' Delta Recording Services in Como, Mississippi in one-hour and fifty-minutes ( plus a couple breaks ).  C.R. and Kinney Kimbrough recorded all the songs while Jimbo was out gettin' beer and gas, which is why Mathus is credited in the liner notes as "Spiritual Advisor and Sketch Artist" rather than producer. Well-deserved monickers, none the less, i'd reckon.

Once again, this album is a two-man operation: C.R. Humphrey, of course, on guitar with the legendary Kinney Kimbrough ( son of the late, great Junior Kimbrough ) on drums. And once again, you don't even miss the vocals. The music is just that good.  C. R. was between drummers when the time came to record and since he and Kinney had played together some at C.R.'s annual Junior Kimbrough's birthday bash it seemed a natural fit to enlist him to fill the spot. Kinney hadn't heard any of the songs prior to recording but you'd sure as hell never know it.  As C.R. says, "The man is an absolute pro." and it shows on this album. Humphrey himself is no slouch. His guitar style is full and intricate, but he leaves space to allow the songs to breath, slink and groove. He studied the masters but did not let that get in his way. I have no doubt he would make his heroes proud.  
40 Nickels For A Bag Of Chips is another delicious collection of songs done the way only Old Gray Mule can do 'em. It's like Chris Johnson-style BBQ for your ears. Gotta have it!

Here's what Jimbo Mathus and Justin Showah had to say about Old Gray Mule:

"Either you find an old tube amp in the garbage or you drive halfway across the country to look a turtle in his eye. I shook Charley’s hand at 11:00 am and at 5 o’clock he left with his record, mixed and finished. Every track was one take flawless. The heartbeat of the hills was steady beneath the heels and wrists of a giant, Kinney Kimbrough, and sounds clapped off the walls like quick flashes of lightning or knives being flung at your ears.
Keep your mouth shut and master the notes of the instrument, and you make a map for the soul and your fingers trace it out on a piece of wood and metal strings like connecting the dots across the stateline skies.
You woke up out of a trance to find a recording was made of your journey to the center of the groove and it is the CD you’re holding in your hands."

Old Gray Mule - 40 Nickles - Poor Boy On The Line mp3
Old Gray Mule - 40 Nickles - Kill The Old Gray Mule mp3

Old Gray Mule f/ C.W. Ayon- Live: Slightly Returned mp3
Old Gray Mule f/ C.W. Ayon- Live: That's my Girl (Cedric & Lightnin' cover) mp3


THX Stacy!

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Awake my Soul - The PS22 Chorus

Some inspirational singing of this superb Mumford and Sons song from the PS22 Chorus, a junior school choir from Staten Island, New York. The choir has become an internet phenomenon as well as receiving high praise from the very artists they cover...


HOUND DOG TAYLOR - Roll Yr Moneymaker!

Colour Bük

Colour Bük are a rather paradoxical duo. Adam Kastin & Brandon Wulle are infamous to some & totally off the radar for others so far. As a witness to a few shows the band has played over the years I've seen quite a few eclectic performances, some of which have included members getting completely nude while banging a large ammunition shell & a brawl that sent someone to the hospital. Add to this the mysterious, read fake, biographies they have made up some which include releasing records through their "german" label Wir Wollen Wulle & a homeless genius that took the two on as his apprentices.

Beyond all of these constructed narratives there lies a certain bent on combining high & low, beautiful & ugly, good & bad. In the process melding each together into a single inseparable unit. Colour Bük have developed a dark and quirky sound the is pretty unique. After explaining all this it may be funny that the group is only now kicking it into high gear and releasing some great music on a wider scale.

The first of these releases is Our Favorite Fucking Day of the Goddamn Year, which is seeing its physical release on cassette via Weird Forest. The album perhaps is a more light hearted affair than many Colour Bük releases without diminishing the total creep factor. It mixes weirdo tape loop experimentation with some jagged songs that combine electronics and guitars just right.

The second release, and final for now, is Licht Dinger through the band aforementioned label Wir Wollen. The album includes a more 'punk rock' (whatever that means) oriented approach. The album showcases classic Colour Bük live tracks like The Fall Suck and Stay Depress each enveloped in a much harsher atmosphere than Our Favorite Fucking Day. The album does cede one similarity in the overall song structures and concepts though, switching between abstract composition to traditional verse-chorus structuring.

Colour Bük aren't even slowing down after the release of their LP. They already have a split planned for August with Smegma & are in the middle of planning a split with Tenses. That album is due out on Weird Forest in the upcoming months.

The group have some fantastic upcoming shows in support of the releases, one of these shows will be with Smegma founders Ju Suk Reete Meate & Jackie Oblivia, each of which is at a Last Nights venue favorite Silent Barn.

June 16th - Queens, NY @ Silent Barn w/ Jooklo Duo+Bill Nace, Yeh/Ju Suk/Jackie trio, Devin Gary & Ross, DJ Nat Roe
July 11th - Queens, NY @ Silent Barn w/ Garrincha & The Stolen Elk & more

ASiE PAYTON via You See Me Laughin' documentary

La Big Vic have been on our radar here for a little while now, but it hasn't been until the group unveiled their 1st full-length, Actually, that they have seemed to really hit their stride. The track above "Mr. Broken Bird" seems to epitomize this. The tune combines the layers of synth textures and keyboard lines drifting in and out of the mix. In the end everything is held together by the motorik drumbeat and singer Emilie Friedlander's (founder of the always excellent Visitation Rites) airy vocals wrapping everything in a cozy tight package. A definite "hit" if I ever heard one that calls to mind elements of classic new wave pop and more experimental strains of kosmische musik.

None of that is too surprising when looking at the credentials the band holds. According to Underwater Peoples (who released Actually) the group's guitarist, Toshio Masuda, "performed in a major label J-Pop band, produced hip hop songs, as well as some commercials and soundtracks before coming to the US. While 3rd member Peter Pearson, dubbed as "the group's synthesist", is an apprentice to Pink Floyd's live sound producer. When one combines Emilie Friedlander (founder of the always excellent Visitation Rights) to the group then you understand where La Big Vic are coming from. Definitely a group to look out for in the future!

The late, and mysterious, Angus Maclise has recently been honored with his first retrospective, titled Dreamweapon, thanks to Boo-Hooray. In commemoration of the exhibition Boo-Hooray pressed up some limited LP's of unreleased recordings that were left to La Monte Yound & Marian Zazeela upon his death, as well as an extensive catalogue of his work and the show. Unfortunately the LP's are now completely sold out, but the recordings may still be heard during the last week of the exhibition.
Be sure not to miss it as it is a rare look into the work of a premier American underground artist/musician. The exhibition runs until May 29th.

Back in February Last Nights had the pleasure of working with Mazing Vids during Silk Flowers record release show party. Since then the duo seem to have been laying low, that is until I was invited to a screening of the upcoming screening of E.S.P. TV's 3rd episode at K&M Bar (225 N. 8th Street Brooklyn, NY). The show presents an entire set by the band that finds them in fine form. They're take on a minimal post-punk, with vocals reminiscent of Mark E Smith, is here accompanied by some live analog video processing. The video weaves in & out of the band's movements & bodies creating a cool watch.

The show has way more than just Mazing Vids though. This episode also includes a performance by Dana Bell titled "A Delicate Balance" and video by Rachel Mason and Meredith James, Aaron Nemex, & Jason Underhill. The videos presented are a mix bag in content, though oddball humor runs throughout.

Mazing Vids released their 1st full-length LP a little while ago & became an instant Last Nights favorite. You can purchase the album straight from the artists through their website. While you're at it make sure to stayed tuned for more great episodes of the young E.S.P. TV.

Bob Dylan, troubadour extraordinaire...

A passionate cover of Bob Dylan's song 'When He Returns' from the 1979 album 'Slow Train Coming' by Gospel singer Rance Allen to celebrate the bard's birthday. Of course, I adore the original, however, there is also something pretty special about this version with its blistering Hammond accompaniment and no holds barred vocal performance.

There is also another incredible version, albeit gentler, from John Lee Sanders.

This aptly illustrates the concept of 'improvisation' rather than 'intervention'...


The Blues Art of N.E. Florida Artist NiCKLOS

I've noticed this guys artwork at Mojo BBQ in Jacksonville but had no idea who did it. Last week, artist Mike Mitchell wrote an article for Jacksonville's Folio Magazine ( you can read the article in PDF form HERE ) about the artist Nicklos and his work. 
Here's a video showing more of what Nicklos does:

PS -  Big thanks to Mike for the shout out. To be named in the same sentence as the late Marty Scott is an honor indeed, but to be called a  "blues historian" is kind of over the top. Historian of blues of the future, maybe. 

Images of Nicklos' work stolen from this very cool site without permission.

Song for Rapture(fail) Saturday...

Such great lyrics for today, h/t Maggi Dawn's tweet yesterday on what a great funeral song this is ;-)

I'm coming up so you better get this party started
I'm coming up so you better get this party started
Get this party started,
on a Saturday night,
everybody's waiting for me to arrive
Sending out the message to all of my friends
we'll be looking flashy in my Mercedes Benz...

Clearly the LORD did buy Pink her Mercedes Benz then?

More Rapture links:

The wonderful RaptureFail website
Some Grey Bloke's farewell message to Rapturees
Maggi Dawn's historical look at the previous failed rapture dates
The Rapture flow chart to see if you make it


Weird Forest is a label that, in my mind at least, has put out some releases by pretty stellar artists throughout its time. The label counts Pocahaunted, Mouthus, Emaralds, & Wooden Wand & The Vanishing Voice (that is, just to name a few) among its alumni. So it's came as no surprise to find out that Davy Bui (proprietor of WF) has an equally rad band.

Garrincha & The Stolen Elk, as they go by, is the duo of Davy and guitarist Matt Kretzmann. They're most recent cassette We Were Wyoming was put out by the fine people at Stunned. It combines some post-punk appeal & sax skronk together in a surprisingly no-wave influence release. The duo are preparing to release their 1st LP on Weird Forest.

To celebrate the release the pair are hitting the road on a national tour. Last Nights is also fortunate enough to presenting two nights with G+SE while they're in NY as well! More details on that later for now check out their tour schedule below

Garrincha & The Stolen Elk July Tour
July 1 - Sacramento, CA @ Worf's House w/ Buk Buk Bigups, Night Nurse, LIPS, Magic Whistle
July 6 - Pittsburgh, PA @ tba w/ Gangwish, Waterfinder+Pete Fosco, LIPS
July 7 - New Haven, CT @ Popeye's Garage w/ Century Plants, Jon Erikson
July 8 - Boston, MA @ O'Briens w/ Xela, Double Awake, LIPS
July 10 - Northhampton, MA @ Feeding Tube w/ Century Plants, LIPS
July 11 - Brooklyn, NY @ Silent Barn w/ Colour Bük, TBA
July 12 - Wilmington, DE @ 700 Social Club w/ Roped Off, LIPS
July 15 - Brooklyn, NY @ Shea Stadium w/ Noveller, Hubble, LIPS, TBA
July 17 - St Louis, MO @ Floating Laboratories w/ LIPS
July 18 - Tulsa, OK @ Sound Pony w/ Mohawk Park, Parts of Speech

Hey, long time no see! Things have been pretty busy over here at Last Nights the past month or so. What better way to unwind than a cruise though, right?

Bruise Cruise is lost somewhere between a tropical vacation getaway & the most perfect contemporary rock n' roll festival that out there. A brief list of artists that hit the stage during the past year's Bruise Cruise includes the likes of The Vivian Girls, The Black Lips, Ian Svenonius, & Ty Segall to name a few. If you combine that list with the fact that it's also on a cruise ship & you get a pretty crazy (not too mention hedonistic) non-stop party.

The upcoming Bruise Cruise will feature artists such as Neil Hamburger, The Dirtbombs, King Kahn & The Shrines, Thee Oh Sees, & The Soft Pack to name a few it looks to be a pretty excited festival. Not even to mention one of the most unique. Tickets are available now, so for those looking for an out of the ordinary festival experience this is definitely worth checking out!

Paul Simon makes inspiration blossom...

Sometimes inspiration bears fruit in extraordinary ways! At Paul Simon's recent Toronto concert on May 7th a fan, Rayna Ford, who'd travelled all the way from Newfoundland, shouted out a request for the song 'Duncan' adding that it had inspired her to learn guitar. What follows is one of those special moments that you'd really wish you'd been there to be part of. Regardless, this bit of footage captures the joy and tears all round, especially during the verse:
Oh, oh, what a night
Oh, what a garden of delight
Even now that sweet memory lingers
I was playing my guitar
Lying underneath the stars
Just thanking the Lord
For my fingers,
For my fingers
Fuller story here on NPR Music

P h/t @solobasssteve


I've had the new James Leg cd titled Solitary Pleasure  sitting on my desk for weeks.
Mocking me. 
The tense, yet meditative cover depicting two hands, fingers intertwined. Waiting. Patiently. 
Listening a couple nights ago it finally struck me.  
This is the album I've been waiting for from James Leg since day one.
  As you might know, James Leg co-helms with the drummer Van Campbell, The Black Diamond Heavies (BDH).They rule as East Nashville's dirrrty soul blues boys. Listen, I'm a drummer and I don't much like other drummers. Whatever. That's kind of a dick thing to say but It's not personal. With most other drummers I hear what they should have played. Campbell always plays what should be played. That's why he's arguably my favorite drummer working today and why it took me some time to connect. I missed the sound of Van Campbell. 
I know, right? Pfft. I digress. Sorry James. Let's start:

A warning siren wails through a blast of feedback and James Leg makes it clear that this is his new thing. And it's gonna get loud. Track one is the low-down grinding sandpaper howler Have To Get It On, which slides hard into the Sexxxy stony booty moving moaner Do How You Wanna*, which falls to the old-timey piano balled of Nobody's Fault But Mine. With that three song baptism  James Leg makes a seasoned and strong return. 

Whatever It Takes is a totally delightful surprise. It's like nothing you've heard from James Leg before. An English-infused, horn-augmented, pure pop, bitter-sweet soul nugget. In a better world this song would be a hit somewhere. 
This is music played by an envelope pusher who has terrific musical taste. A man Sinatra would have called,"broad minded." It's really been a pleasure listening to this guy grow as an artist. I've been following him for years now and while each of the BDH albums have been a step forward this album is a long stroll and roll forward. 

Solitary Pleasure is ingrained with James Leg's extensive knowledge of the rock and roll canon and the album displays his passion and originality to full effect. Granted, Leg's gargled-with-goat vocal style could be an acquired taste, but it's also a quality instrument that, like his keyboard work, will prove powerful, yet supple and dextrous over the course of the album.
Imagine Tom Waits doing Bobby "Blue" Bland covers.
There's some wonderful Waits-ian weirdness  spread throughout and Leg takes some good chances. Perhaps some efforts succeed more fully than others, but these are James Leg's ladies and he works them properly.

I'll tell you what: I have no idea where drummer Andrew Jody came from but he rocks, drives, and follows Leg's lead like Leg's ghost. Ace job, sir.

The barrel-rolling gospel piano rave-up No Time To Tarry ends the album. It features Leg on piano accompanied by tambourine. A nod to our man's righteous upbringing, perhaps. It's in him. It's hot and bound to seek release.
One of the things I dig about Solitary Pleasure is that it sounds like freedom. It sounds, from beginning to end, like he was having a great time and would be happy to kick if it serviced the song. He and we are rewarded by that ethic.
Solitary Pleasure is an album that bleeds rock and roll, from dirty garage blues to  potential old skool AM radio hits, to 1969 Detroit (occasionally played at the same time) then filtered and distilled by James Leg. 
We've got this movement of folks around the world who've absorbed punk, metal, electronic music, and all of it's mutations, then walked and wallowed backwards thru hill country hard blues, deep  soul, primitive gospel, and rare early rock and roll. These folks, like James Leg, like it raw, rough, and real.
James Leg's Solitary Pleasure reminds us why he is a Vice-Lord and High Worthy Icon of that movement. 

James Leg - Solitary Pleasure - Drowning In Fire - mp3
Listen. James Leg deserves our money. You know it. I know it.  
Alive Records brings us more good music than any of us should be allowed to have. They need and deserve our support. Some folks you back up. 
Go to the shows, buy the merch, support art.

*Hey- Will somebody please tell me: Who the hell is Dillon Watson?  According to the liner notes the dude plays, "Impromptu Guitar Wizard" on Do How You Wanna. This track is fully frkn epic. The howl of his tone made me walk with a limp. Like i'd fallen while dancing to The Stooges playing P.Funk's Maggot Brain (that never happened so don't freak out). Anyway,on this track Watson plays Thee Best Guitar Solo I have heard in years, then makes no other appearance on the album. Wtf?


FAT POSSUM RECORDS: A short doc via The NewMusic/MuchMusic


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I had no idea Lomax's The Land Where The Blues Began was on YT! 
I've got it on vhs and have seen clips on YouTube. 
C.R. Humphrey from Old Gray Mule sez,  
"In my opinion, this is the best blues doc out there bar none...if'n you haven't seen it, set aside an hour some evening it's for damn sure worth watching." 
I'd say it's a three-way tie with Deep Blues and You See Me Laughin'
All three are essential viewing for blues fans.

The Gospel of the Blues...

Film trailer of acclaimed Canadian blues singer Rita Chiarelli's journey of discovery within the intimidating walls of Louisiana State's maximum security prison entitled Music From the Big House. Stunningly shot with an intriguing mix of both Gospel music and the Blues... official wording reads:
From acclaimed director Bruce McDonald, teaming with an Emmy and Oscar nominated documentary producer, comes a rare and exclusive musical journey. Rita Chiarelli, an award-winning recording artist, has decided to take a pilgrimage to the birthplace of the blues - Louisiana State Maximum Security Penitentiary a.k.a Angola Prison. She never imagined that her love of the blues would lead her to play with inmates serving life sentences for murder, rape and armed robbery.

In what was once the bloodiest prison in America, inmates relatives will be invited to listen alongside other prisoners, to hear remarkable voices singing stories of hope and redemption. Let yourself be swept away by one of Blues' most soulful pilgrim daughters who is finding out if music really is an escape.

P h/t The Wedlocks

BLiND WiLLiE JOHNSON - A free 28 track Cigarbox Guitar Tribute

Stop whatever you are doing right now and click THiS LiNK to download Cigarbox Nation's Tribute to Blind Willie Johnson.  
It's a terrific 28 track compilation featuring 28 different cigarbox guitar stylists.  
And it's free!

ROBERT BELFOUR w/T-Model Ford's Nine Year Old Grandson Stud Playin' Johnny Lowebow's Drums!

THX to OLD GRAY MULE for the tip!

From the Streets of Clarksdale, MS from TransMotion Media on Vimeo.

A sneak preview of some of the forthcoming soundtrack album from yet another Pirates of the Caribbean epic feauturing the sensational guitar playing of Mexican duo Rodrigo y Gabriela... Tracks from them are featured alongside the post After The Fire band ZipcodeS' producer (and now world famous film composer!) Hans Zimmer.


THE SLY FOX ~ Sinner's Dream

Eugene Fox was a sax man with Ike Turner.  He just wanted to play sax behind Ike.  Mr. Fox was not interested in a recording career, but in 1954 Ike had other ideas, "It was something I didn't want to do anyway. It was something Ike wanted to do. I knew I wasn't a singer, and I could just play the horn the way the man wanted me to play, you see. But I wasn't no singer. It was Ike's idea. He thought, because I had a gravel voice, it'd be better if I did it. I never sang, I don't sing."  

Mr. Fox, as The Sly Fox, recorded four weird tracks accompanied by Ike on guitar, before returning to Clarksdale, MS to attend college. Fox graduated in 1956 and took a teaching position with the Clarksdale school system. He continued to play casually until 1962 when he laid his horn down for the last time. He retired as a school principal and passed away in 2000. In an interview for Uncle Marv's R&B Notebook, Fox sums up his brief musical career, "That's all it is about my little musical experience, you know. I enjoyed playing with the fellows and I enjoyed the hours. But it was exciting, though. An adventure, I'll tell you that."

Sinner's Dream - mp3
Hoo-Doo Say - mp3
I'm Tired Of Beggin' - mp3
The Dream (alt take of Sinner's Dream) - mp3

THE BONNEViLLES - Good Suits & Fightin' Boots - New Video + Free MP3s!

Watch the vid then go HERE and grab free mp3s of the songs Good Suits & Fightin' Boots + God Might Love Me ( But he don't know me like the Devil does ). While yr at it, if you've got any sense you'll just thrown down for the whole album and thank me later. New low prices + cheap international shipping. Or download it from iTunes. Good Suits & Fightin' Boots is one of the best albums of the last couple years. The Motor Sounds compilation Blood On The Scratchplate '65 is a killer too. Might as well download their free ep while yr there, too! Go!


Hi Rick,
I am a french one-man-band, playing punk blues style. I am going to release my first LP next month on Beast Records ( Black Diamond Heavies, Hipbone Slim, Chicken Snake, Shake it Like a Caveman ). I thought you could be interested in reviewing this record for your Deep Blues blog. Tracks are available on myspace for preview.

Information on
Chicken Diamond:
Chicken Diamond is a punk blues one-man-band. He is influenced by the North Mississippi bluesmen (RL Burnside, Junior Kimbrough…), as well as noisy/punk rock’n roll (The Stooges, The Velvet Undergound, Suicide…). His first record includes 10 tracks either recorded in live conditions or backed up by an electronic rhythm section.

Chicken Diamond has shared the stage in France with artists such as: Black Diamond Heavies, Jake La Botz, James Leg, Shake It like a Caveman…
Binic Festival (with Left Lane Cruiser, Radio Moscow…)

Please let me know if you need more information.
Thank you
Chicken Diamond

I'm totally digging this dudes stuff. 
It's like a combo of Honkeyfinger meets the Velvets meets Hollowbelly vs I don't know what. Mountains of fat groove and over-driven, raw, sexy metallic stoney blues swagger. 

I did a quick email FAQ with the man known as Chicken Diamond. 
Here's what I found out:

How long have you been playing, and have you always done the one-man band thing? What kind of equipment, besides the appropriate wine crate stomp box? Will there be a digital download of the album available at some time?

I’ve started playing at 15 or so, so it’s like 22 years ago. When I was a student I played in some noisy/punk bands. I also played as kind of noisy OMB a couple of times, with a drum machine plugged into a distortion pedal.

I really didn’t touch a guitar for 10 years maybe. I started again like 5/6 years ago. I had always been interested in blues, but didn’t know how to play it. I listened to the Black Keys, then Junior Kimbrough, Fred McDowell. I tried to play these kind of riffs. I wanted to have a kind of dirty and “vintage” sound. So I got a Telecaster, a Danelectro and a Cornell Amp.
Then I wanted to do “real” songs, so I got interested into what I could do with computers for backing me up. I used some drums and bass samples and learned programming and recording. I have set up a small studio under my roof. And I have recorded things, like the ones you heard which sounds more or less like a band.
Then I put these things over the web because I thought maybe somebody could be interested into putting this on a record. I got some contacts and proposals for playing live. I did some gigs with the computer, but it was not that good. So, I looked for something that would give me more freedom while I was playing. And I did this thing with the wooden box and a crash cymbal. That’s also when I started playing guitar differently, always playing the bass with my thumb. There are some tracks that I played that way on the record. 

By the way, there is no plan for download now: the label is not at all into this. They are more focused on vinyl.

What's happening, music-wise in France? I know Biram, BDH & James Leg, and others always do well there.
Has that inspired a OMB or other kind of punk infected blues scene there?

Regarding France, that’s not really the land of rock’n roll! BDH, Left Lane Cruiser, Bob Log III, Shake it like a Caveman, etc are touring here, but they don’t often do really big stages, unfortunately. They are starting getting recognition now. There is this festival in Binic, which is helping a lot. 

There are also some other festivals open to punk blues ( Blues autour du zinc, Blues sur Seine, Blues Rules Crissier Festival in Switzerland…).

I would say on the “sort of” punk blues, only Jon Spencer is really kind of popular here, playing big festivals. Black Keys, since they changed their style are also doing well.
There are some good one man bands, but they are more on Hasil Adkins side I think ( King Automatic, Sheriff Perkins, Venus Fly Trip One Woman Band, Mr Bonz, Dusty Dandy ). The only one I know, who is more into blues is Birds Are Alive. There are also Thee Verduns, a duo (I think they played in the US). But I do not know all the ones who are touring: OMBs are generally playing in small places and don’t get too much exposure.

Chicken Diamond has been kind enough to let me share one of my favourite tracks off the album with you. For free. 

Chicken Diamond - Bones - mp3

Chicken Diamond's album will be available (vinyl only!) in early June and is limited to 500 vinyl copies. It's available for pre-order from Beast Records

Chicken Diamond @ Facebook // MySpace // Beast Records


Hey kids!
If you plan to be in the Chicago area May 7th,
one of America's most esteemed blogs, Big Rock Candy Mountain along with Hell Hound Trail Booking, is hosting a killer 100th birthday party for Robert Johnson. Some of your favorite band will be there as well. I've been given some tracks to share with you so you'll know what yr missing or what yr in for:

Devil In Her Eyes mp3
John Henry mp3
Tiger Man mp3
Dirty, High and Confused mp3
Going For Broke mp3
Johnny and The Pale Rider mp3
Honest Man Blues #3 mp3
In The Paint mp3
Keep Ta Boogie If Ye Like It mp3
The 4-12 March mp3

BOYD RiVER - Mississippi Delta Blues Festival 1980

BiG JOE WiLLiAMS - Mississippi Delta Blues Festival 1980